Posted: May 05, 2010 3:46 pm
by uke2se
PJG wrote:
Tell you what - you make a list of the things that you think represent the "mainstream view presented in this thread" and I will tell you if I "accept", "don't believe/accept" or "don't know".

- Hijacked airliners slammed into the WTC towers and the Pentagon.
- The resulting damage and fires caused the towers to collapse.
- Debris from the collapse of the towers caused fires in WTC 7.
- Damage from the collapse of the towers ruptured the water mains, knocking out any fire fighting effort in WTC7.
- After burning for many hours, WTC7 collapsed due to the fire weakening the structure.
- A hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania due to a struggle between passengers and hijackers.
- The criminals perpetrating the attacks were 19 misguided Muslim extremists, funded in part by rich Muslim extremists.

That's the mainstream view. What do you not agree with?