Posted: Mar 06, 2019 8:21 am
by Stein
Stein wrote:
archibald wrote:Weird how in the rest of that text, the character 'Trypho' clearly accepts that Jesus existed as a man and was crucified. Lol. This is cringworthy fun to watch. Keep up the, er, good work, chaps. Scrape that empty barrel for all you're worth. Over and over and over over, Groundhog Day style.

The definition of insanity. Scrape and scrape that barrel coming up empty for nine years and expect another outcome any day now ...... any day now ..... any day now .....

For a good idea of how all this typical Trump-era crank-style cyberspace conspiracy-theory nuttery can impact real lives, check this out -- ... 36002.html

Any questions?


One of the comments at the foot of this Yahoo news page:

"jesse13 hours ago
"This is what happens when you take the microphone away from doctors, scientists, and professors and give it to reality TV stars, celebrities, and pro sports players. What else do you expect, you have a right to your opinion but you don't have a right to your own facts."

Well said. This is how the experts were treated in Nazi Germany. All expertise was rendered automatically suspect. It's the mentality of the high-school bully -- which is what Trump has always been. He is not the cause of this delusional anti-education online culture. But he is most certainly its most visible and deadly symptom.

It's only a small step from him to the book-burners, with the Kool-Aid drinking mythers striking the first match.

Congratulations. You now have your own alpha male in the White House. He's already kidnapped two thousand children. But you and I know we ain't seen nothing yet. So welcome to your funhouse AmurriKKKa, where anything is possible, including book-burning.