Posted: Sep 17, 2021 6:08 pm
by Agi Hammerthief
psikeyhackr wrote: Why shouldn't honest experts provide steel and concrete distribution data?

because it doesn’t matter:

The highest factor of safety given in the NIST report is 2.
According to an architect I consulted for my own house a factor of safety of 2,3 was standard in 1960.

Meaning: the walls of my house are designed to take 2,3 times the loads expected to ever be applied.

WTC 1 had 16 levels plus hat-trussed moving down on the first undamaged floors.
That’s about 8x as much as the floors where designed for, and that factor just keeps on increasing with each floor below that.

So whatever the exact weight of floor 93, the weight destroying it was at least that times 16.
What does your proposed model tell you with those numbers?

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