Posted: Sep 20, 2021 2:10 am
by psikeyhackr
felltoearth wrote:^this

There are also two parts to the WTC collapse.

1. What happened before the collapse to cause the catastrophic structural failure.

2. The collapse itself.

Psikeyhacker seems to be conflating the two. NIST’s remit and the scope of the investigation was only the first point.

So if we had an excellent computer simulation of the North Tower the top 20 stories could be raised 60 simulated feet and dropped. A 60 foot gap should be greater than the damage the aircraft and fire could do. It would just be kinetic energy versus the 90 story structure. The simulation would make it possible to move the 20 stories a few get horizontally in any direction.

My personal guess is that 30 or more stories would remain standing no matter what. The NIST wasted $20 million not attacking the most important point. Why did the entire building come down so fast?