Posted: Oct 04, 2021 11:24 pm
by felltoearth
More concrete.

Each tower had massive continuous footings for the columns to rest on.


Additionally, it seems there were structural slabs that ran from the tower perimeter to the 3’ slurry wall.


Also, the subway tunnels were supported by concrete caissons

Some Articles From Engineering News Record.
To support the tubes as the earth was removed from under them, the contractor installed a line of 24-inch diameter caissons 40 to 50 ft c-c on either side of each tube. These were socketed into rock 2 ft below final subgrade, cleaned, and filled with a steel core and concrete before any excavation was done.

So I can keep looking. That was less than an hour on the internet. You’ve been at this twenty years. What exactly have you been doing with your time?

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