Posted: Oct 05, 2021 6:05 am
by Agi Hammerthief
psikeyhackr wrote:
I am pointing out that the explanation is lacking along with the data necessary to do a competent analysis.

:rofl: the incarnation of incompetence on this (i.e.: you) is murmuring about „a competent analysis“
you haven‘t got a fucking clue.

psikeyhackr wrote:You don't know anything and have nothing meaningful to say.

projection much?

what you are doing is the equivalent of sitting in a padded room going
„weNEEDmoreDATA :wall: weNEEDmoreDATA :wall: weNEEDmoreDATA :wall:

psikeyhackr wrote:We are missing a whole lot of concrete. Where did it go?

I‘ve got an idea:
They hid it in the attic!1
Where nobody noticed it for 28years!!1!

or maybe it just got embezzled :think: