Posted: Nov 25, 2010 3:04 pm
by bootsie
Miragememories wrote:Well this is not a Thermite Thanksgiving.

But this is more proof that indeed, thermite was used to do something extremely evil.


This video is a 'quick assembly' of mostly NIST FOIA clips. Its focus is on the critical failure of the northeast corner of the South Tower, WTC2.

Initial videos show the fires set off by the aircraft fuel. Later in the video, thermitic activity becomes quite visible as revealed by white smoke, hot orange fire centers, and dripping molten iron as the structural steel is attacked. Once the already damaged support columns are sufficiently eaten away by thermitc activity, the initial toppling collapse of the upper section begins.

NOTE: Not all of the audio is original to the associated video. No intentionally misleading audio was added. Some generic or in context audio was used to cover originally silent video clips.

Explosions that can be heard are original and not faked.


I'm new here so perhaps you will explain how the necessary and extensive stripping of the WTC back to the steel core in order to place the thermite cutting charges was achieved without anyone noticing the partial demolition of the WTC?