Posted: Nov 25, 2010 5:07 pm
by bootsie
Miragememories wrote:
econ41 wrote:
bootsie wrote:...I'm new here so perhaps you will explain how the necessary and extensive stripping of the WTC back to the steel core in order to place the thermite cutting charges was achieved without anyone noticing the partial demolition of the WTC?

Welcome to the thread bootsie.

Yes your question is valid. And whatever answer you get it leads to several other questions only one of them being "why didn't the demolition leave evidence behind"? And, if we follow that track, it leads to a dilemma of two more implicit claims that the evil perpetrators of this totally unnecessary bit of demolition either:
  • knew in advance exactly where the aircraft would impact AND the exact details of consequent damage (so that they knew which columns to attack) OR
  • The perpetrators actually installed the demolition devices after the aircraft strike AND whilst the fires were raging. (Which resolves the question of "which columns" BUT requires suicide squads in "dreadnought" or better fireproof suits.)

Bottom line therefore - anyone claiming thermXte has a lot of explaining to do otherwise a thermXte claim is nothing more than an evasion.

And "why do it because the building was going to collapse anyway?" is just one of those other (and "bigger") questions.

Why not watch the video before you start with your amateur-based incredulity?


So that'll be a no, you don't know how the thermite could have been placed without anyone noticing. Of course the most parsimonious explanation is that there was no thermite used because there was no controlled demolition. But you're welcome to your amateur-based credulity when you watch the video. :cheers: