Posted: Nov 26, 2010 7:13 am
by econ41
Miragememories wrote:...Why not watch the video before you start with your amateur-based incredulity?


Believe it or not I did watch it MM.

That said the whole question of "what was that glowing cascade of something or other?" has been discussed many times.

I have ridiculed the suggestion that it was thermXte demolition related for a number of very obvious reasons.

Here are a couple to chew on - and yes I am aware of your standard evasion tactics.

A) How many columns were cut to assist the collapse. Specifically was it more than one?

B) If the answer to "A" is "no only one" - go to laughter;
If it is "More than one" then how did the perpetrators get all that molten stuff to one point so it could fall in a single cascade?

Hence my usual shortcut answer to trivial claims about thermXte - The necessity for fireproof suited suicide workers to install the channels to carry the molten metal to one point so it could fall thereby giving away the secret demolition.....

And there are lots more. But until you post a reasoned case I will not waste energy responding to rubbish claims of this standard.