Posted: Nov 28, 2010 10:39 pm
by econ41
Nicko wrote:...As I have said before, the point people should be up in arms over is the first one. Instead, people who's mistrust of authority could be put to good use are sidelined into irrelevant bullshit. They're like a cop in front of of a bank being robbed busily issuing parking tickets.

That is the central strategic point which attests that most truthers are not serious.

If they have genuine concerns about the political decision making protest why weaken their argument by telling lies about WTC Demolition.

The fact of no demolition is readily determined by any honest rational person. And any politician who is in a position of political influence to call for further investigation will not run with a case stacked with lies.

Idiotic political strategy. "We have real concerns about how we decided to go into these wars AND to show how serious we are about it here are some lying claims about demolition."