Posted: Nov 30, 2010 2:35 am
by psikeyhackr
econ41 wrote:G'day psik; Welcome aboard.

I see you are sticking with the same old tune about "distribution of steel". It is well and truly outdated now in that the experts seem to have that information even though it is strictly irrelevant to explaining the global collapse.

Then you are well aware that the collapse did not "...have to crush all of the levels below and..."

Eric C

Sorry, I don't need any more acronyms. So let's see you build a physical model that can support its own weight and yet be TOTALLY collapsed by dropping the top 15% or less on the rest. I provided a design that can be made for about $30. Grade school kids could build it and test it for themselves.

The strength of a level is determined by the thickness of the steel in the columns and that affects the weight of the steel on that level. But the thicker the columns the more energy required to crush the level so that further reduces the kinetic energy of the falling mass.