Posted: Nov 30, 2010 3:32 pm
by psikeyhackr
econ41 wrote:
hotshoe wrote:And another note for relatively new members to this thread - ie those who only joined since ratskep forum was set up OR in the last few months of RDNet. psikeyhackr was a long term poster on RDNet 9/11 topic and you can take it as given that he has been informed of all the relevant arguments many times. He has made some quite good models to illustrate aspects of the Twin Towers collapses. Sadly all of them off target as to what really happened. But commendable effort just the same.

So it doesn't take more energy to bend a 2 inch column than a 1 inch column or more energy to bend a 4 inch column than a 2 inch.

It seems on this issue some people assume they can talk other people into believing anything. So where has anyone built a self supporting model that can be crushed by the top 15% of its own weight? Physics does not give a damn about talk.