Posted: Dec 01, 2010 3:01 am
by Weaver
I was wondering when somebody would discover nano-termites. As a professional disinfo agent, I've been worried about this day, and that the truth would finally be out there - but it's also nice to know we can finally admit what really happened.

Nano-termites were released into the building during the Reagan Administration - they were originally developed to destroy the redwood forests out West, but those pesky environmentalists got in the way of building developments with great views. We needed someplace to store them, and figured that a couple of huge skyscrapers would do the trick (they don't like crossing the street).

Unfortunately, they thrived on Post-It Notes and bits of stolen paper - and many a secretary was fired when she claimed that something she'd typed up had "simply disappeared". In fact, the nano-termites were on an eating binge - you could feed most of the colony on a single sheet of copier paper, and they considered legal pads to be a delicacy.

The problem was compounded when they started to evolve - something we in the Government knew wasn't possible, because the Bible told us so. We only taught evolution as a way to destroy America so we could be in charge of saving it. Anyways, the nano-termites started eating the fire insulation, leaving the support columns exposed when the planes hit (it was supposed to be just another run-of-the-mill "terrorist attack" like the first WTC "bombing" (amazing what you can do with a few thousand smoke bombs and a Cub Scout Pack), but it got out of hand when the nano-termites started exploding en masse and totally demolished the building. It's almost like they committed group suicide or something - must be because they hadn't heard of Jesus.

Anyways, it's all out in the open now - thank goodness. I can finally live my life in peace. Thanks to the Truthers for their persistence in bringing this story to life.