Posted: Dec 02, 2010 5:06 pm
by psikeyhackr
Xaihe wrote:Explain this (Grand Lisboa in Macao) building's shape or stop comparing CN tower to WTC1/2, please.

:whine: :whine: :whine:

Interesting looking building.

But it is similar to the WTC in that it does not show its distribution of strength and therefore mass from the outside.

I will continue comparing the CN Tower to the WTC because the CN Tower is not a building. It does not contain a lots of empty space to hide the NECESSARY INCREASE in mass toward the bottom. That upside down looking building is under 1000 feet while the CN tower and the WTC were over 1000 feet. But the WTC had more of a wind load problem because it did not get narrower toward the top like the CN Tower. It would be interesting to know the distributions of steel and concrete for that building in Macao but I have not found that information for any skyscraper in the world. Rather curious since gravity works the same way everywhere.

So why aren't all of the engineers and engineering schools demanding accurate data on the distributions of steel and concrete for the WTC?

Too many people operate on the seeing is believing principle rather than believe nothing but try to understand.