Posted: Sep 17, 2012 10:14 am
by Nicko

This thread is for posting and discussing climate change denial.

This might include general remarks denying climate change or it's anthropogenic basis, or what a columnist, politician, 'radio personality' or stand-up comedian says about it all. If you wish to discuss the science of climate change - pro or con - you are welcome to do so here, but please read the moderation note in the OP of that thread, and restrict yourself to discussion of the science.

Members are invited to contact a forum moderator if they need further clarification, or to use the report system if posts need to be reviewed by staff.

One of the more serious threats to the world in the near future is - IMHO anyway - climate change denial. Despite the preponderance of evidence, the majority consensus amongst experts in the field, and the lack of relevant qualifications amongst the ranks of the deniers, one often comes across people who don't want to accept that this is happening and it is caused by human activity.

If anyone has good links to information useful for arguing against deniers of Anthropogenic Global Warming, please post them here. I'll start with this and this. These are both links to lists of commonly used arguments by "sceptics" of AGW.

Of course, if anyone has access to this reputable science we are assured exists that debunks AGW, please feel free to point out my gullibility at being hoodwinked by the "climate change industry"*.

*I am assured by my father that said industry exists and has somehow developed more power than all the greenhouse gas producing industries combined. To put this in context, he also believes that Julian Assange started Wikileaks for profit.