Posted: Sep 24, 2012 3:09 pm
by Rumraket
johnbrandt wrote:I'm just always amused how we must listen as absolute gospel anything at all said FOR climate change, yet every single word AGAINST climate change must be ignored and not listened to for fear of muddling the gentle little publics minds...

I wasn't aware we did this. Could you perhaps be a bit hyperbolic in your descriptions?

The interesting thing to note about climate change denial is that these are the kinds of arguments I seem to hear almost all the time. If the denialists want to be taken seriously, they should present evidence to change the overwhelming consensus view by the majority of the experts. No less than THE ACTUAL SCIENTISTS doint actual science, is what can do this. Not politicians, not special interest groups or political organizations, not random internet nobodies. Do the science, convince the scientists. That's how it works.