Posted: Nov 15, 2012 2:51 am
by Ihavenofingerprints
It's amazing how you can start the post with "remind me again of why the public are skeptical of the whole thing". Which implies you have valid reasons to deny the basic facts of climate change. Then you proceed to rant about one particular tax in one particular country as if it somehow supports your conclusion to deny an entire field of physics. (hint: it doesn't)

We've applied your "china should act first" logic to silly scenarios before and shown it to be worthless logic. And I doubt anyone here who supports an effort to bring down emissions is going to get lectured about who should act/when by someone who would oppose acting on emissions under any circumstances.

I think it 's pretty clear now that the reason you deny climate science is because you are politically motivated. You've come to the right place to discuss your misconceptions, but again you have just ranted on about how one particular tax in one tiny country is somehow a good reason to object valid science.

Don't like the carbon tax? Well don't vote Labor or Liberal because they'll both keep trying to bring down emissions with similar programs. I guess you are left with a choice between the greens, christian democrats or one of those australian tea party movements.