Posted: Nov 15, 2012 4:34 am
by sennekuyl ... pollution/

In July, China became a surprising leader in climate change policy by announcing plans to put a cap on carbon pollution. In a letter made public last week, China’s political leaders in Beijing requested further progress towards these goals. As Point Carbon reports, China has told seven cities and provinces that will host pilot emissions trading schemes to impose absolute caps on emissions and draw up allocation plans as soon as possible, in a bid to launch the markets in 2013 as planned.

Facing such dire threats, it’s obvious why China has taken action to serve its own interests and help stop global warming. Especially since caps on carbon pollution have consistently been shown (PDF) to have minimal costs (PDF), and more often produce significant (PDF) economic benefits. ... inability/
China’s efforts to address climate change, including its national investments in clean energy are, in terms of percentage of GDP, three times that of the United States

In terms of who is doing what, it is true that it would be more beneficial to lobby the larger polluters based on volume however that is no reason to not do what we can with our responsibility simultaneously. One might ask of course if we have a responsibility but given our disproportionate consumption of resources per capita it seems a bit redundant.

And I'm more worried about USA's apathy than China's.