Posted: May 02, 2010 10:50 am
by Calilasseia
Aurlito wrote:There are so many genocides in the history, from the anecdotes I've read from Alexander the great, he killed a whole city because his fella kicked it, but I think that none of them is as exaggerated as holocaust is. I don't know what they teach to Israeli kids about this dimwitted event, that they started a copycat holocaust with poor Palestinians.

With respect to this and subsequent posts by the same user ...


Aurlito, aside from the fact that your derail about Palestine properly belongs in its own, it appears you need reminding about two salient sections of the FUA. First:

You may not:

* Troll i.e. disrupting or derailing a thread with off-topic, inflammatory or personal comments after being requested by staff to refrain;

As part of the staff, I am now requesting that you refrain from the above, Failure to observe this request will result in immediate and resolute sanctions. Understood?

Second: will not foster or support racist, homophobic or sexist bigotry.

Holocaust revisionism, in my view and that of many others, falls under this heading. If you need evidence to back this view up, there is plenty of literature in the public domain on the subject, for example, the Irving trial, where the racist nature of Holocaust revisionism was laid bare. Now unless you can present some facts to back your assertions, I suggest strongly that you desist. Otherwise, once again, swift, resolute and determined action will follow.