Posted: May 02, 2010 10:54 am
by Agrippina
Calilasseia wrote

should we simply throw up our hands and wail that it cannot be done? I say no. I say that we should strive to exercise that effort, and strive assiduously to be true to human history, especially during those dark eras when our far-distant reptilian inheritance (see Carl Sagan for more on this) rose to the fore, and for reasons either of territorial conquest or blind adherence to ideology, some of our species saw fit to kill many others of our species in gruesome and hideously cruel ways. We owe it to those unfortunate corpses to be diligent here, all the better to equip us to strive to avoid repeating the same mistakes, all the better to steer us away from actions that add to the contents of those mass graves. The dangers of not exercising this diligent effort are, in some respects, even greater than the dangers of not defending valid scientific theories against duplicitous attack from ideological stormtroopers for doctrine. We forget the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Armenian genocide, the horrors of trench warfare, the Holocaust, Tuol Sleng and Srebrenica at our peril, and we had better make damn sure that the lessons we learn from these festering canker sores on the body politic deliver to our species the kick up the backside it sorely needs.

Hear, hear. Thank you.
Although I turned my back on all religion over 50 years ago, I cannot but remember that if i had been living in my ancestral country at that time, I and my entire family would have been included in those numbers, and for that reason, despite the lack of religion, we shall always remain Jews.