Posted: May 02, 2010 11:22 am
by Gawdzilla
Agrippina wrote:
Gawdzilla wrote:
Moridin wrote:In fact, it could be argued that there exists a common methodology for most pseudoscientific movements.

I've been interested in conspiracy theories for decades now, and pseudoscience and religious extremism exhibit the hallmarks of CT to a remarkable degree. I think it's only happenstance whether a person believes in one type of conspiracy theory, say Intelligent Design or "the government knows all about UFOs!", if they do, indeed, only believe one. It's mostly likely that this tendency is the result of one type of psychological problem that manifests itself in different ways according to the exposure to one CT or another at some crucial stage in a person's life.

And here I was thinking that a small group of very rich people really do control everything. :naughty2:

They paid me to say that. :shhh: