Posted: May 02, 2010 11:53 am
by Moridin
Holocaust deniers also claim that the there was a conspiracy by Jews to concoct a Holocaust in order to finance the State of Israel. The rationalist reply to this is quite straightforward.

1. The basic facts about the Holocaust were established before the founding of Israel and before it got any money.
2. When the reparations were established, the amount Israel received from Germany was not based on numbers killed but on Israel's cost of taking in and resettling the Jews who fled Germany and German-controlled countries before the war and the survivors of the Holocaust who came to Israel after the war. If reparations were based on the number of survivors, then any conspiracy should have exaggerated the number of survivors, not the number killed. If the Holocaust deniers are right and only a few hundred thousand Jews died, then Germany owes Israel far, far more reparations.
3. Israel as a state was not the recipient of German money as most of it went to individual survivors, not to the Israeli government.