Posted: May 02, 2010 2:29 pm
by Regina
Aurlito wrote:
Moridin wrote:
Aurlito wrote:I deeply feel indignation. first of all, in no way I was trolling, I was just participating in a thread about holocaust deniers, and as someone who deeply despises Palestinian genocides, that, is somehow predicated on holocaust, I shared my opinions with other users.
Secondly, I don't know why I'm a whisk away from one month suspension. I've done nothing wrong and have not received a single warning since my last suspension.
Thirdly, the things I said were neither racist or homophobic, nor bigotry. and they didn't need evidence because I wasn't denying holocaust. what I said, was that Holocaust is "refutable" because there has been, as many of you know, political advantages taken out of it, and we can assume that the evidence is made up for the advantage.
If you're provoked by the sentence in my signature, it's pretty obvious that it's for mockery.

Atheists have politically taken advantage of the establishment clause, therefore, according to your logic, the establishment clause is invalid? Pharmaceutical companies have gained from selling medicines (that work), therefore, modern medicine is invalid? Al Gore has gained from the science of climate change, therefore the science of climate change is invalid? Richard Dawkins has gained from selling books about evolution, therefore the evidence for evolution is invalid?

By the way, your strategy is classic passive aggressive; you first make ludicrously odd claims that the evidence for the Holocaust is invalid, they act all hurt and offended when someone calls you on the issue. As have been pointed our, your argument makes some form of the fallacy of irrelevance, perhaps an appeal to consequences.

You're obviously using conjunction fallacy. the things that you've listed have nothing to do with my claim, and are totally irrelevant with what I said. as I said, holocaust is "refutable" it means it has potential to be false because "supposedly" the evidence has been planted "for" political advantage "because" most of the evidence has been revealed "after" the start of Jewish settlement. I hope I made myself clear. we have no visual evidence from holocaust, that isn't hazy and improbable. and all the evidence regarding to the holocaust has been revealed way after it happened.

Strange as it may seem to you, there are still people around who witnessed the Holocaust! And before you tell me they're all Jews spinning a story,-------------no they aren't all.