Posted: Dec 27, 2013 4:55 am
by Rhubis
I've dabbled in hypnosis myself. I've done some of the simple mind tricks like made people lose their balance, be unable to open their eyes or be unable to separate their hands (not technically real hypnosis since its just making use of involuntary muscle effects). But I've started to wonder, how far does suggestion actually go? I can't be hypnotized (probably since i know a lot of the tricks) so I don't know what its like to have even the basic tricks affect me.

Even when I've done these tricks on other people and they have worked perfectly I've questioned in my own mind if they are really working or if the person is playing along to some extent (a kind of instant stooge, when I've asked they've always denied it). I know that some people play along with stage hypnotists and others swear that they were really hypnotized.

Basically my question is: What actually works with hypnosis and what is just instant stooge, magic trick bullshit? And does hypnosis as therapy work at all?