Posted: Dec 27, 2013 1:43 pm
by Rhubis
igorfrankensteen wrote:Clearly the question isn't whether it's real or not. Only what it's limits are.

True. I'm not saying that i think all hypnosis is fake since there is plenty of evidence that words and phrases can mess with peoples brains. Thats what makes questions like this really hard to answer. Saying magic isn't real is easy but if you know some people can really make small objects disappear then the larger magic tricks become harder to disprove.

Something i've heard that made me really skeptical is this from Paul McKenna:

"Let me give you one example of my recent work in New York. Patricia was a high-flying business executive who had put off having a child for many years because her career came first. Now the biological clock had clicked in and she desperately wanted a baby, but she could not get pregnant.

There was no physical reason for her infertility, and I soon came to realise that she had simply done a fine job of selfhypnosis, programming her body to reject pregnancy.

I re-hypnotised her to switch that part of her body back on, and within a couple of months she was pregnant and now has twins."

Its one thing to convince someone that they aren't feeling pain (using hypnosis in place of anesthetic) but this makes it sound like hypnosis could be used to 'turn off' someones kidneys... This would be one hell of a murder mystery.