Posted: Dec 27, 2013 4:13 pm
by quas
Rhubis wrote:Something i've heard that made me really skeptical is this from Paul McKenna:

"Let me give you one example of my recent work in New York. Patricia was a high-flying business executive who had put off having a child for many years because her career came first. Now the biological clock had clicked in and she desperately wanted a baby, but she could not get pregnant.

There was no physical reason for her infertility, and I soon came to realise that she had simply done a fine job of selfhypnosis, programming her body to reject pregnancy.

I re-hypnotised her to switch that part of her body back on, and within a couple of months she was pregnant and now has twins."

Is it just me? After reading this, I am thinking that Patricia actually had sex with Paul during their encounter, either during or after the hypno-sessions. The reason Paul succeeded where Patricia's other partner has failed could simply be because the other partner is infertile.