Posted: Dec 27, 2013 5:57 pm
by igorfrankensteen
There is plenty of evidence that indirectly supports hypnosis and it's apparent uses. The Placebo effect is similar, as are the many cases where people have been known to drive their own health down, simply because they are convinced that they are in decline.

Everyone I've met who insists that hypnosis is complete bollocks, has actually done so because they don't believe in magic, AND, they have closed their minds to the possibility that the effects of hypnosis can be anything OTHER than magic.

I an certain that hypnosis works for non-magical reasons, and that it has limitations which correlate to it's entirely non-magic mechanisms. What exactly they are I don't know, because I do not have a doctorate in Human Physiology, and have not built on such a decade of study, by investigating the exact details of how consciously controllable body functions can include things that we wouldn't normally think of as voluntary, such as digestion.