Posted: Jan 01, 2014 6:13 pm
by pelfdaddy
When an outsider, or a non-pentacostal Christian, visits a pentacostal church, they are--merely by the act of attendance--complicit in what is about to take place. They take note of the friendly people, the family environment, and wonder "whether I am missing something in my life..."

This complicity is encouraged by psychology as the music, the atmosphere of energetic worship, create a powerful feeling of love and acceptance. Participation is clearly expected, and shyness is characterized as Sinful Pride, so the newly initiated join in until just playing along becomes genuine excitement.

Psychological manipulation is then joined by physiology, as the congregation stands and sings for up to forty-five emotional minutes; the music speeding up and slowing down, rousing choruses being repeated again and again, beautiful praise music being sung aloud by hundreds of people in communion together. One might remain standing with knees locked and arms upraised for an extended period; there are changes in blood pressure, pulse rate, and circulation to the extremities, and breathing is shallow.

The subject is now highly "suggestible". An invitation is given to all those who "want something from God" (be it salvation, healing, The Holy Spirit, etc.) to come to the front. The person walks the aisle, feeling numb and surreal, almost in a mild trance. Everyone in the immediate area is babbling unintelligibly and loudly. The subject is exhorted by a handler to "pray and worship God out loud but not in English". Muttered sounds emerge from the lips, and soon the individual feels no embarrassment but is confident (surrounded by the cover of noise from others) to raise their own volume and essentially copy those around him or her.

This is when the preacher approaches. The person praying aloud has their eyes closed and is feeling almost nothing, and therefore does not realize the preacher has just placed a hand on their forehead and gently pushed them to the floor where they are let down softly by "catchers". They open their eyes and are staring at the ceiling. They remain convinced for decades that they both "spoke in tongues" and were "slain in the Spirit".

You may wish to term this hypnosis, or Mind Control. I call it socio-psychological manipulation. It has worked on millions of average people. As a Christian, I saw this happen to hundreds of individuals, and upon becoming a minister, decided I would never resort to such tactics. In my entire career as a preacher, avoiding the use of such strategies, I never once succeeded in facilitating another person in "getting filled with the Holy Ghost".

Not once. So not only does it seem to work when employed, but its influence is equally convincing in the lack of results obtained in its absence.