Posted: Jan 01, 2014 8:47 pm
by Weaver
igorfrankensteen wrote:Read this Wiki entry:

It shows that hypnosis is accepted by a number of national medical authorities. YOU are the one making claims against what IS clearly an established and authoritatively supported treatment. Therefore YOU have the burden of proof for your rather outrageous claim that everyone is working a scam.

The research cited here equates hypnosis to relaxation therapy with respect to pain management. That does not mean that hypnosis is an actual phenomenon, or that people can be hypnotized to perform implanted suggestions.

You seem to have a serious misunderstanding of the burden of proof - it is not up to me to prove hypnosis does not work, it is up to you as a believer to prove it does. You haven't done so - and neither has anyone else. In your one attempt, you didn't even provide anything regarding hypnosis - instead, you moved the goalposts to discuss hypnotherapy.

Here's the Wiki entry on hypnosis - notice the utter lack of rigorous research?