Posted: Jan 08, 2014 6:20 pm
by Aern Rakesh
trubble76 wrote:
Aern Rakesh wrote:
trubble76 wrote:Does hypnotherapy use hypnosis or not? I was under the impression that both the medical and the entertainment versions use hypnosis, is this being disputed or not?

Hypnotherapists use all kinds of techniques, e.g. NLP and various relaxation/meditation techniques. I know a hypnotherapist who puts smokers through intense questioning before she'll take them on because unless they are determined to give up there's nothing she can do, no 'post-hypnotic' magic spell that will help.

Could you clarify for me, I didn't quite get your answer. Are you saying that the hypnotherapists do use hypnosis or not?

Sorry, Trubb, yes, they do use it:

But what I was saying was that for certain situations (e.g. giving up smoking) the client has to have a strong conscious will to do that. There's no fast "You'll wake up and you won't ever want to smoke again!" solution. At least according to my hypnotherapist friend there isn't.