Posted: Oct 14, 2014 10:12 am
by Will S
I'd have thought that 'the ground of all being' is 'whatever it is (or was) that makes (or made) things the way that they are'.

You can, then, if you want to, use the 3-letter word 'God' to denote this unknown entity (or entities).

But, of course, that leaves entirely open and unanswered the question: Does 'God', defined in this way, have anything to do with the 'God' which the adherents of Christianity, or of any other religion, talk about? If a religious person says, 'The God of my religion is the ground of all being', then the obvious response is, 'OK. Go on. I'm listening. Just for starters, can you please explain why you think that the God of your religion exists?'

In this way, you might get into a helpful discussion with the religious person, and he might be able to show you that he's got reasons for believing that it's the God of his religion who made things the way they are, and this God is therefore 'the ground of all being'. Or, of course, your discussion might go nowhere ....