Posted: Oct 15, 2014 11:40 am
by Will S
Kafei - You give me a problem! How am I to say how I respond to your message without giving offence?

For there are two options. Either you are saying contains important truths which are, for the present anyway, utterly beyond my comprehension -- just as my cat can't comprehend calculus. Or you are simply stringing fine-sounding words together, but not actually saying anything.

The bottom line is that I simply cannot make any sense at all of your message. If the fault is mine, then is there anything else you can say which might bring me (and others too, I suspect) a glimmering of understanding? :angel:

Indeed, you made me think of an excellent little book, 'Straight and Crooked Thinking' by Robert Thouless. (It's available as a .pdf at ... inking.pdf ) If you read, in particular, chapter 9, which starts on page 64, you'll find on page 68, a few paragraphs which may show you where I'm coming from.