Posted: Oct 16, 2014 10:00 am
by Will S
Suppose, just for the sake of argument that there were some people who, from time to time, went into an altered state of consciousness for a few minutes, during which time they were able to see through solid objects.

Surely, there would build up over the years a mass of evidence that these people really did have the power to see through solid objects on these occasions, and the rest of us would be driven, willy nilly, to accept that they did.

I'm sure that many people do indeed have what they call mystical experiences. The question is: do they simply happen inside the head of the person experiencing them, or do they provide information about the external world?

If it's the latter, then, surely, we would expect there to be evidence of this, which all of us could examine, whether or not we had had such experiences ourselves. Of course there is the usual problem of proving a negative, but there doesn't seem to any such evidence. Witness the fact that the James Randi million dollar prize remains unclaimed.

To try to put it in a few words: if mystical experiences were experiences of something, then isn't it reasonable to expect the experiencers to be able to bring us solid, verifiable information about the 'something' which they are experiencing?