Posted: Feb 19, 2015 6:41 am
by daramantus
I was reading some pseudoscience, to get some laughts, when I read a text that said that "We are all one" after death.
Meaning that "I am you", and "you are me". We are all connected after life, We are all one "consciousness", and we are all love, blah blah

What's the evidence? That we all gonna be friends , connected , etc?
If after life everything's a hell ? With Clows, Devil Entities? (I know It's a retarded idea, but who knows? If they say absurd claims, I can too) Even if after life there's a wave field and we all gonna be in form of energy, what's the prove that we all gon' be together?
There are proofs out there, with people who did OBE and saw devil entities, etc.. (which can be pure imagination) but even though, no one has even seen connection between people.. or "pure love" etc..
I know that some of you will be like "There is no life after dead" , but try to understand my view to debunk this retarded 'New Age crap.