Posted: Feb 19, 2015 7:59 am
by cavarka9
There might very well be certain things science has not yet explained about human limits, the answer for that shall also be science, not religion or woo.
I for example had experience of being able to predict the days my tutor would not show up. something like being right abt it for 5 times. Without any conscious intention. When I did intend to check 2 times, it didnt happen as i had wanted. I think, humans can probably pick a scent from perhaps long distance away, but only statistically.I knew instinctively that I was going to meet someone about a distance of 1-2 kms and I did. It can be tested out and explained perhaps. Also, when I was young, i used to play with friends with me blindfolded. I remember that by sound i could make out the shapes and people and move out in their direction. So, this patient could perhaps hear out the doctor and sense from sound the movements of the doctor.

So in my view, we can perhaps do more. Not enough money is put into these kinds of researches because the outcome is not seen to be worth the effort. As far as 'I am you' is concerned. There is no 'I' and no 'you'. We are all a part of universe, so we are all one. So, that is true. The whole universe could be a simulation, so yeah, perhaps jesus as a character might turn up anyday with game cheats. No one is looking for evidence that the universe is a simulation.