Posted: Feb 19, 2015 8:52 am
by Thomas Eshuis
cavarka9 wrote:As far as getting it wrong is concerned, When i predicted that they wouldnt show up, i didnt do it out of want,

Completely irrelevant.

cavarka9 wrote: it just came to me.

We know humans are capable of random thoughts.
Isn't evidence for prophetic powers though,

cavarka9 wrote: when I said to my self" so and so wouldnt turn up " and they did, I was checking whether it had to do with intentions, long time back, mind you.

Again this is completely irrelevant with regards to whether you have prophetic powers or not.

cavarka9 wrote: So I do think perhaps humans can pick up others scents from some distance away and even that perhaps requires us to not have conscious intentions. If we have intentions, then we might confuse ourselves. Yes, it would require experiments.

And again, until you do, you have no rational basis to assume predictive powers.