Posted: Feb 19, 2015 10:10 am
by Nicko
daramantus wrote:I was reading some pseudoscience, to get some laughts, when I read a text that said that "We are all one" after death.
Meaning that "I am you", and "you are me". We are all connected after life, We are all one "consciousness", and we are all love, blah blah

What's the evidence? That we all gonna be friends , connected , etc?
If after life everything's a hell ? With Clows, Devil Entities? (I know It's a retarded idea, but who knows? If they say absurd claims, I can too) Even if after life there's a wave field and we all gonna be in form of energy, what's the prove that we all gon' be together?
There are proofs out there, with people who did OBE and saw devil entities, etc.. (which can be pure imagination) but even though, no one has even seen connection between people.. or "pure love" etc..
I know that some of you will be like "There is no life after dead" , but try to understand my view to debunk this retarded 'New Age crap.

I am indeed one of those who say there is no life after death, for the simple and sufficient reason that death entails the end of a life: if life continues, death has not occurred.

What most people actually mean by "life after death", of course, is survival of the self beyond death. I am extremely sceptical as to whether this is even a coherent idea, let alone a possibility. We have very good medical case studies of the self being "lessened" (decreased cognitive function, loss of memory, etc.) by damage to the brain. Are we to be expected to note this, yet believe that total damage will cause the self to fly away whole and complete? The whole idea of some kind of survival of the self after death seems to invoke some kind of mind/body substance dualism, which is a view I regard as complete nonsense unsuppported by either evidence or logic.

The thing about this dualistic view is that - even if it were true - it would not entail survival of the self after death: it is just as plausible (that is, not at all) that the "soul" ceases to exist upon brain-death. Likewise, NDE's tell us nothing about what happens after death: the person did not die.

I raise these objections, which I realise you did not want, because my objections to this idea of our experiences and thoughts surviving death and "becoming one" with everyone else's are much the same. It would seem to invoke the same basic problems of substance dualism, the same basic contravention of observed reality, the same lack of anything that even could be evidence.