Posted: Mar 12, 2017 8:40 am
by Manticore
Handy andy wrote:Hi

I think there is some misinformation on this thread, Tesla understood electrical principles very well, he defined many of them. The big misunderstanding with teslas work is all the pseudoscience babble that has been latched onto him. One of his big interests was Radiant energy and Radiant Electricity. This is not pseudo science, and still today people havent caught on. The key and interesting thing to his work was what was termed a radiant energy pulse, an impulse scalar wave. This is generated at bunching points in a circuit when switches are opened, a momentary charge is built up and is seen most concentrated on sharp points of conductors, this is at the zero point. This is an intense impulse wave that expands out from the charge bunching point outwards. This charge bunching point strips the immediate atoms around it of electrons leaving a +ve charged atmosphere. These positive charges were seen as the static charges that appeared on all the none earthed surfaces in his laboratory. The trick is collecting the charge. One way is too either guide it with magnets onto collector circuits, or just let it drift onto polished metal surfaces which are not grounded. The positive charges lift electrons from the surface of the electron rich metal and leave the conductor with a +ve charge. This charge can be used to draw -ve charges out of the negative terminal of a battery, effectively cooling a battery, or it can be used to charge a plate of a capacitor. Too much positive charge on the negative terminal of a battery causes the apparent voltage to drop or the battery voltage to flip. Cars have negative earthing on to their metalwork, a car subjected to massive amounts of radiant charges will lose its battery power and stop. Does this sound familiar UFO's cause cars to stop and lights to go out. Teslas technology is possibly covered up because it is UFO technology. He talked about veritable ropes in the sky, gravity according to Teslas ideas was caused by vibrations in space or the ether. He may well have used his flat pancake coils especially the double biflar to excite space or the ether and cause a gravitational reversal in the direction he wanted to go. This would allow free fall acceleration with no G force, crazy fast turns that would crush you if G force was involved etc. Einsteins theories today would be rejected they dont include an accelerating universe, ether theory and quantum theory are almost one and the same. Ether theory predicts an accelerating universe.
The double bifilar coil creates pinch points when running at very high frequency as outgoing pulses past incoming pulses, cancelling the respective magnetic fields as the pulses pass each other, and so create a momentary impulse scalar wave. From a technical point of view I suspect it is a cover up, without any techno babble or pseudo science. To state Tesla did not know what he was talking about, is complete crap, the man was a genius ahead of his day. People need to read exactly what he wrote not what other people state he wrote which is largely wrong. The impulse scalar wave could well have caused an avalanche effect as it travelled outwards releasing more electrons from the atoms as it travelled.

Debunk that

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Which parts do you want debunked - the bits that almost appear to make some kind of sense - or the bits that are total gibberish?