Posted: Oct 04, 2017 8:23 am
by archibald
zoon wrote:I suppose my version of ethics also comes down to a single idea, to keep the local community flourishing (which in the modern world is the global community), and it’s a distinctly less uplifting idea than the wellbeing of all conscious creatures.

I agree that it's less uplifting than the wellbeing of all sentient creatures, and unless I later agree that Harris has justified the latter without compromising his major premise, I'll have no problem agreeing with you that he would seem to have gone 'softly idealistic'.


Haven't you arguably gone soft too? Why the community as your single idea. What about Zoon? :)

The way I tend to try to resolve some of the tensions is by making a loose list in order of priorities. First, me. Then family, then other humans, then the planet. Obviously, there has to be flexibility when playing each of these cards in any given scenario. I might for example risk my own life to save the planet in a dire emergency in order that my family can survive.