Posted: Oct 04, 2017 4:34 pm
by romansh
zoon wrote:We could use the same argument on every last one of our desires? ...

Yes. This to me means I have a need (desire will wish etc) to treat this sort of conversation with care. There is some degree of recursion in it.

If we define some morality ... do no harm or even do a little bit of "good". I get it. But I suspect we live in a "zero sum" universe. Sure by working together etc we can achieve more. But are we taking resources from some other third party or perhaps borrowing from the future. eg chopping down trees to build houses.

I am trying to think of some desire I carry out that is not considered moral. My morality and desires have an amazing good correlation. It is amazing what post hoc justification will do.

But yes we can define certain actions as moral or immoral (even perhaps morally neutral), but if we don't believe in free will, is there not just a little cognitive dissonance in taking some "ultimate" [Galen Strawson] responsibility for the "good" or "bad" we might do?