Posted: Oct 06, 2017 10:30 am
by Rumraket
Wortfish wrote:
Rumraket wrote:
This AN Wilson dude, and your thread about his irrelevant and terrible pseudo-biography, is just one big red herring fallacy having sex with an ad hominem fallacy.
Life evolved, you are an ape, your distant ancestors were primitive primates and you should just grow up and get over it.

Maybe you should actually listen to the audio transcript? It is obvious you cannot be bothered to even understand the author's argument. A.N.

Yes, I outright concede it. I simply couldn't give any less of a shit about Darwin and his motives, how much he happened to bother people around him in his time, or bother intensely butt-hurt abrahamic religionists living today.

It doesn't matter. The evidence is what the evidence is. And the evidence is rationally undeniable. We share common descent with all other organisms on known on the planet, and we evolved.

Whatever the fuck Darwin did or said, why he said or did it, and how terrible it was, is entirely without consequence. Evolution is true no matter how utterly terrible you think the people responsible for alighting upon it, were or are. All the worlds biologists and biochemists could be racists, rapists and eugenicist dictators, and evolution would still be true.

1+1=2 no matter who says it or first found out.