Posted: Nov 19, 2017 4:37 pm
by Regina
Macdoc wrote:Yes and my offsets and other aspects of how I run home and business I reduce my footprint more than offset a motorcycle footprint for 40 Km a few times a week in warm months.
Otherwise I have no commuting cost at all and my province has eliminated coal as an energy source in a single decade under the leadership of the party I support.

Eliminating coal use is well on the way globally and remaining fossil fuels the horizon line is there for first world ...on a global scale, it is national efforts that count most to lead to a lower carbon economy.

If you want to take the hair shirt - huddling in the dark - route by all means I applaud your efforts..that is not my approach..don't diss what you don't know. :coffee:

This is the kind of combined carbon and clean water project I prefer to support. A single purchase of 12 tons brings cleaner water and carbon offset for $144 dollars....I can't parse efficiency of carbon offset with anywhere near the efficacy of organizations like this where both goals are covered off.....carbon and clean water.
I CAN afford to neutralize my carbon footprint. ... ilies-laos

Qantas has programs for individuals as well ... /global/en


You seem to have a new found crusading spirit over climate other words you are just shit disturbing on the forum ...careful of the company you keep.
A search of your posts regarding the topic reveals ....well zilch. :roll:

Here you go since you pronounced a deep concern for Bangladesh ... evelopment

Buy your yearly credits :coffee:

Oh Macdoc, you got me completely wrong, it appears. I find your contributions to this forum highly informative, and I wonder why
I shouldn't be able to offer my views after having been educated by experts like yourself.
It's quite hurtful that you think my newfound confidence to contribute to this sub-forum is "shit disturbing". And what or who is the company I should avoid? Can you elaborate? Do you think anyone posting on this forum can hurt me in any way?

But back to the topic at hand.
If your brag threads on this forum are to be believed ( and why should they not? ), you single-handedly increased the Earth's temperature by one degree (Celsius) through your lifestyle choices. (At least it feels that way).
It's a relief to learn that your buying of indulgences easily offsets the damage you do in the first place. At some unspecified point in the future, at least. I'll bear that in mind when it comes to my lifestyle choices.
Also, you are quite right in travelling as much as you can right now, because an increasing number of people in an increasing number of places are taking a rather dim view of certain kinds of tourism. Those ingrates need to be educated by people who know what they are doing when they roam the planet. So keep up the good work! :thumbup: And thanks for your truly illuminating posts here.