Posted: Nov 19, 2017 7:02 pm
by Macdoc
Regina utterly pathetic.

You got one thing correct

Also, you are quite right in travelling as much as you can right now, because an increasing number of people in an increasing number of places are taking a rather dim view of certain kinds of tourism.

We do bear that in mind ....Galapagos as much as we would like to go we will not for pressure reasons and likely not do Iceland again in prime tourist season as they are in overload....that said many economies are very dependent on we balance where and how we spend our travel dollars. It's not "bragging" - another rather pathetic attempt given the evidence in my's what my partner and I do - we live half a planet apart and travel for a couple months together - I have no strings where I run my business from so why ever should I not travel.
It's also part of my marketing as clients take interest and many travel far more than I.

You can have a serious discussion on the pros and cons of tourism or continue the pathetic "indulgences" horsepucky you are parroting.

You've contributed zilch to the climate change threads on this forum so your sudden "interest" is utterly disingenous and...yes.. shit disturbing.
Since this is in the Debunking forum well .......all's fair i'nnit :coffee: