Posted: Feb 10, 2018 4:24 am
by Ayn Marx
I apologise if the concern I’m venting here has already been discussed. With such a long thread I haven't the patience to read through all of it to ascertain if this has been previously handled here.
My dim memory informs me somewhere on the early part of this thread we were warned to keep discussion to matters of science. Here, from my perspective, we have a big problem. To understand climate change denial we need to go beyond a clear analysis and critique of the denialists irrationality and rejection of scientific evidence. I suggest if we accept psychology as a science ( albeit an academically somewhat immature one) we need to study the psychological motivations of denialists themselves.
To place that in a wider context those features of human nature, instincts, tribalisms etc we might suggest are at work in this denial are so significant they themselves can be regarded as the largest threat to the survival of our species. My personal perspective in this is informed by Arthur Koestler’s “The Ghost in The Machine” whose central thesis is yet to be effectively disproven many decades after it’s publication. To express his view as succintly as I can I want to suggest our species, by and large, is an altogether too clever monkey equiped with a powerful brain but ancient, intact drives and tribal instincts that if not addressed as serious science will destroy us.