Posted: Mar 19, 2018 8:05 am
by UltimoReducto
Diluted water, a flat earth, and a talking snake. Nothing gets under the skin of a sciency bully with an inferiority complex better than an easy target. The Bill Nyes of the world go on and on about how morally “evil” those things are, yet they make all the excuses for a real pseudoscience like psychiatry. Multiple personalities, recovered memories, hypnosis, these are things with real consequences that are used to put people away in prison. Billions of dollars are diverted to them via socialist health care. A third of boys are on the street drug Ritalin. A third of girls are on antidepressants. Schools have contracts with them. Mental hospitals had to be shut down because of all the child abuse. Fraud, routinely exposed by statisticians, is build atop other frauds.