Posted: Apr 26, 2018 2:52 pm
by dreamland1119
LucidFlight wrote:
dreamland1119 wrote:Is believing in zodiac signs foolish? The Barnum effect does indeed exist. However, this psychological phenomenon cannot be used to refute zodiacs. I have also conducted experiments on Baidu online forums, asking people to guess zodiac signs from people's posted photographs, choosing 3 signs out of 12 with a 25% probability of being correct. From more than 10 people's posted photographs, 80% guessed correctly.

Ah, it's a shame Kyrani isn't around. I think the combination of remote viewing and the ability to guess zodiac signs could be a very powerful skill.

Here's an example of what she could do, taken from this post.


Thank you very much, I have a look
I also want to write this theme, but portrait rights are a big problem