Posted: May 10, 2018 7:05 am
by WiggleHead
I remember around 2010 or 2013 a doctor did this cruel study on mice by injecting gentamicin (an antibiotic that destroys the vestibular system) into mice's ears. He then gave them a gas that made them fall asleep. The mice without vestibular systems died in their sleep, while the ones that weren't injected with gentamicin survived and did not stop breathing.

The doctor then concluded that the cause of sudden infant death syndrome (in humans) was vestibular/inner ear damage, because the vestibular system senses CO2 and is the organ responsible for the drive to breathe, and NOT the brainstem/medulla as is popularly believed. I remember there were several news sites covering the study and that doctor's conclusions, and one of them was entitled ''your lungs listen to your ears'', and the article said the ears are now considered an extremely important part of the respiratory system.

Can anyone help point out any problems in this theory? I tried looking for articles but it seems like most of them have been removed, I managed to find one though ... a38d74c71f

Original 2011 article - ... 2210015253

2013 followup article - ... 2213007550

2016 followup article - ... 2216304365