Posted: Jul 09, 2018 2:55 am
by WiggleHead
In recent years I've come across several cases in the press of people being 'allergic to water', and while these articles often cite Aquagenic Urticaria, the papers on the condition mention that it isn't an allergy and is a skin condition however in the cases mentioned below the reaction seems very severe and even causes allergy symptoms upon ingestion which is making me ask the title question -

I remember seeing on the news about this woman in the UK who can't even drink water and can only drink Diet Coke. There's many other cases like this if you're willing to look them up. Often their throat will blister and swell shut if they drink water. ... tears.html

In the case of Rachel Warwick, this woman's throat gets 'scorched' if she drinks water.

She drinks milk, which she states doesn't cause a reaction as bad. She also reacts the same if water touches her skin, or if she ingests water. It isn't limited to just the skin.

This is also the same case for another 'water allergy' sufferer named Heidi Falconer who says she cannot drink water or even touch water without needing an epi-pen, so she drinks milk and orange juice, which ''do her no harm'' according to the article I read.

Which is why I'm asking, is H2O an allergen like peanut proteins or pollen proteins? That is, a (true) allergy where the immune cells receptors see H2O molecule as foreign and attack it every time they see it?