Posted: Sep 11, 2018 1:31 pm
by theropod
All it takes to debunk that video is to study the biomechanics of non avian dinosaurs just a little. The maker of the video obviously hasn’t bothered to look into what the body of an Ornithomimus could, and could not, do. First off there are no feathers, which they most surely sported. Secondly the tail flops around like a unmanned fire hose opened to the full position. Thirdly the head and neck are held in the “death pose” commonly found in articulated fossil skeletal specimens, when in life they did not employ the ostrich-like upright arrangement, but rather this morphological feature more forward and straight.

Of course none of that matters to a faker attempting to further a conspiracy theory, or to those of the potential audience that barely passed high school level biology classes, much less understands the rigorous efforts paleontologists expend to reveal the secrets behind the lives of dinosaurs.