Posted: Sep 24, 2018 7:00 am
by Cito di Pense
Kafei wrote:
alonzo fyfe wrote:One of the terms that atheists often apply to themselves is the term "skeptic".

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Kafei, do you have any ideas of your own, or are the linked words your own? If not, do you have anything at all to say about somebody else's words, or do you just like dumping texts on people, waiting for their responses, and them misrepresenting both the words you dump and the responses you get?

Information is necessarily incomplete, so incompleteness is a strawman. If you're (directly or indirectly) accusing others of paralysis-by-skepticism, what action are you advocating, and based on what information, complete or otherwise? Just say what you have to say, man. Are you saying we should stop shitting and pissing, which is overloading the sewage system (in the figurative sense, of course)? And who the fuck is Alonzo Fyfe, and why should I give a flying fuck? He isn't Jordan Peterson, that's for damn sure. This might be what you're on about, from the screed you linked:

Kafei wrote:
alonzo fyfe wrote:Using the terms of desire utilitarianism, a disposition to give a value of "false" to any new proposition is claimed to be a disposition that people generally have reason to promote. It says that people generally have reason to inhibit (through condemnation) those who accept claims too easily.

Maybe alonzo fyfe invented 'desire utilitarianism' and maybe somebody else did. Regardless, it's an invention, and we can apply skepticism toward the utility of any new invention until its utility is demonstrated, or we can just dismiss your continued attempts to undermine skepticism of your pet ideas.